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Ezweb Wireless is a Wireless broadband telecommunications company that utilizes proprietary solutions to deliver Low Cost, High-Speed, reliable, Wireless Broadband Internet access to the SME, enterprise and residential market in the Port-Harcourt area.

Ezweb Wireless is managed by an experienced team of professionals with expertise in the design, construction, operation and marketing of wireless telecommunications networks. Ezweb Wireless Limited is licensed by the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) to provide Internet Services (INT 02/2008) in the Nigerian Market.


Our Services
and Products
EzWeb Wireless Technology can provide Substantial cost benefits when compared to traditional small business options such as VSAT, cable, DSL and T1 and T3 lines. Read more >>
EzWeb Wireless Limited can support upload and download speeds of up to 7Mbps. That's as fast as or faster than virtually every other broadband service available in the Area.Read more>>
In addition to High-Speed wireless communications, EzWeb Wireless enables small businesses to take advantage of today's most advanced applications such as: broadband access, LAN connectivity, etc. Read more >>
We offer enhanced security comparable to any corporate or government network,so there's absolutely no need to worry about sharing sensitive or proprietary data.Read more >>