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Who we are

Ezweb Wireless is a Wireless broadband telecommunications company that utilizes proprietary solutions to deliver Low Cost, High-Speed, reliable, Wireless Broadband Internet access to the SME, enterprise and residential market in the Port-Harcourt area.

Faster Speed
Ezweb Wireless Limited can support upload and download speeds of up to 7Mbps. That's as fast as or faster than virtually every other broadband service available in the Area, enabling you to exchange information in real time with other branches or stores, and with corporate headquaters.
Reduced Cost
Ezweb Wireless Technology can provide substantial cost benefits when compared to traditional small business options such as VSAT, cable, DSL and T1 and T3 Lines. With the Ezweb solution, you can have the speed and security of a dedicated T1/T3 line for a fraction of the cost.
Advanced Applications
In addition to High-speed wireless communications, Ezweb Wireless Limited enables small businesses to take advantage of today's most advanced applications such as: broadband access, video surveillance, voice-over-IP, LAN connectivity and more.
Increased Security
Ezweb Wireless Limited offers enhanced security comparable to any corporate or government network, so there's no need to worry about sharing
Higher Quality Service
The system's proven technology means that whether you're located in the city, the suburbs, or in a rural community, your service is always on and always available with voice and data communications of exceptional quality. And because Ezweb wireless Limited provides upgradeable software service, you have no fear of your system becoming obsolete.
Immediate Installation
Unlike other options which can take weeks or months to deploy, the system modules can be installed at your business in a matter of hours or days. On-site the system units are small, unobtrusive and maintenance-free.
Superior Customer Service
As our Customer, you're our most important asset. Ezweb wireless Limited provides your small or mid-size business with the timely troubleshooting and support services you must have to keep your communications up to speed.



Our Mission and Objectives
Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide reliable, superior, and affordable wireless Internet access to our clients.

Our Objectives
  • To provide always-on, affordable and fast wireless internet access.
  • Provide superior customer service.
  • Efficiently manage client growth.

We are committed to eliminating the frustration, the poor service and the excessive costs experienced by subscribers of most ISPs in the market today. Exploit the competitive and financial advantages offered by a cost effective and reliable Internet Access solution.
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